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HIGHLIGHTS 2018 ATS-V-Coupe Engineered to rule the left lane as effortlessly as it owns the track. Engineered to rule the left lane as effortlessly as it owns the track. With roots in the performance racing circuit, the ATS-V luxury sports Coupe proposes a range of refined interior features and sporty exterior lines that ensure the edge of your seat never looked or felt this good.
PERFORMANCE DIRECT-INJECTED THRILLS V is in every strand of the Cadillac DNA, combining a proven motorsport pedigree with precision engineering. After tuning the 2018 ATS-V Coupe and pushing its limits on the world’s most notoriously punishing tracks, we refined it and unleashed it to the civility of the street.
A TRULY POWERFUL ENGINE. Built with racing in mind. A 3.6L 464-hp Twin-Turbo that produces 603 Nm of classleading torque lies at the core of the luxurious ATS-V Coupe. The high-strength, lightweight titanium connecting rods, low-inertia titanium aluminide turbine wheels with optimized compressors and a patented low-volume charge-air cooler create near-immediate torque response and dramatically reduce start-and-go times.
0-100 KM/H IN 3.9 SECONDS. With more than two-dozen patents held on our powerful eight-speed automatic transmission capable of lightning-fast shifts, high-performance driving is at your command.
304 KM/H TOP SPEED ON THE TRACK. Engineered to go fast. The 2018 ATS-V Coupe offers an abundance of horsepower whenever it is needed. Along with specialized and finely tuned aerodynamics, cooling systems and speed rated tires, it is capable of easily achieving 304 KM/H on the track.
PERFORMANCE AT YOUR FINGERITPS. Fitted with race-inspired design inside and out and, the ATS-V coupe brings engineering and technology features that make it perfectly suited to dominate both the track and the left lane.
ADVANCED TRANSMISSION. Responsive and precise. Take full control of your driving experience with the standard 8-speed automatic transmission that delivers short, precise gear changing for a smooth and refined drive. The magnesium paddle-shift provide incredibly fast shift times and a shorter first-gear ratio for improved off-the-line acceleration.
TRACK CAPABLE COOLING Temperature control is a performance vehicle’s best friend. The 2018 ATS-V Coupe channels air to crucial heat-dissipating systems. The patented low-charge air cooler brings down turbo air temperatures up to a significant 54 degrees.
BREMBO® BRAKES. Uncompromising stopping power. Beneath the lightweight, V-forged wheels lie massive best-in-class standard, race-inspired six-piston front, four-piston rear, fixed caliper Brembo® brakes with vented rotors. Brake ducts cool the ferritic
nitrocarburized (FNC) rotors – our patented rotor coating that inhibits corrosion while improving performance and appearance.
MICHELIN® PILOT® SUPER SPORT TIRES Stick to the road. Specifically designed for the ATS-V Coupe, 18" Michelin® Pilot® Super Sport summer-only tires1 with a progressive tread and tri-compound construction have a custom-molded shape for maximum grip, stopping power and control at high speeds.
LAUNCH CONTROL. Instant acceleration. By optimizing traction control, transmission and other system calibrations, Launch Control brings exactly what it’s all about. After reaching optimum RPM levels at a dead stop, simply release the brake or clutch depending on transmission to achieve a perfect start.
ACTIVE REV MATCHING. A perfectly matched shift. Active Rev Matching anticipates the next gearshift and RPMs, eliminating the traditional heel-toe shifting habit.
NO-LIFT SHIFT Something extra on the track. The manual transmission with No-Lift Shift, allows upshifting at wide-open throttle while keeping the accelerator floored, avoiding boost pressure loss. Maximum propulsion can be achieved 0.4 seconds faster than with traditional shifting, resulting in serious lap-time improvements.
PERFORMANCE TRACTION MANAGEMENT. Complete control on the road. The ATS-V Coupe is the first vehicle in its class to offer competition specific traction and stability controls as standard. Choose between five specifically tuned traction modes (Wet, Dry, Sport 1, Sport 2 and Race) that adjust to different driving conditions at your command.
ELECTRONIC LIMITED-SLIP DIFFERENTIAL. Elevated traction. Electronically controlled torque management provides immediate traction to the rear wheel with the most grip, making straightaways and tight turns even more exciting.
MAGNETIC RIDE CONTROL. Ride smoothly on uneven roads. The class-exclusive V-tuned, temperature-adapting Magnetic Ride Control™ suspension reads and reacts to the road up to 1,000 times per second — providing precise control and ride comfort for maximum performance in all road conditions.
TECHNOLOGY NEXT LEVEL TECHNOLOGY An advanced command center. Intuitively designed and customized, the luxury ATS-V Coupe is integrated to bring you unprecedented control. Next-generation technology is applied to enhance performance, safety and entertainment.
CURATED DRIVING MODES Performance to suit the conditions. Each of the four distinct drive modes (Tour, Sport, Track and Snow/Ice*) are electronically calibrated with performance features that optimize and customize your drive to suit road conditions. Paired with the five driver-control traction modes, it offers you a smooth and responsive
driving experience.
*Snow/Ice is automatic transmission only.
PERFORMANCE DATA RECORDER. Record. Analyze. Share. Improve your track driving experiences with the available Performance Data Recorder. With best-in-class integration and capability and capturing video, in-cabin audio and performance metrics including 0-to-100, lap times and g-force, the Performance Data Recorder makes good drivers great and great drivers unstoppable. Use Cosworth Toolbox software to analyze your ATS-V Coupe’s recorded performance data.
HEAD-UP DISPLAY Eyes ahead. The available reconfigurable Head-Up Display proposes a full-color interface, which conveniently projects useful information such as speed and navigation on the windshield, in front of your eyes. This smart system aids in keeping attention on the road for a safer drive.
WIRELESS CHARGING. No cords needed. Wireless Charging2 brings induction technology that allows you to charge your compatible phone or other mobile devices anytime the vehicle is on-the-go.
CADILLAC USER EXPERIENCE SYSTEM Beautifully intuitive. The Cadillac User Experience3 system with navigation lets you access your contacts, music and information with just a touch, flick or swipe of the screen.
BOSE® PREMIUM SOUND SYSTEM. An elevated sound experience. The standard Bose® Premium Sound System 10-speaker inside the 2018 ATS-V Coupe offers clear and powerful sound, while Active Noise Cancellation technology monitors for undesirable engine sounds and transmits a non-audible cancelling frequency through the speakers to help reduce noise.
INTERIORS 2018 ATS-V Coupe POWER AND COMFORT. Fast and pampering. The ATS-V luxury sports coupe’s performance-focused cabin brings driver support and convenience to its pinnacle. Every aspect of stability, control and attention to detail has been taken to a magnified level of refinement.


Greater control and comfort. The ergonomically contoured wheel has a thick rim that make it even easier to grip at all times. Leather-wrapped or available sueded microfiber create an elevated sporty look and feel.


A dramatic interior touch. With the use of exposed carbon fiber accents enhanced with a contrasting silver weave, a higher level of refinement was achieved for the​ ATS-V Coupe.​ The handcrafted, cut-and-sewn interior is complimented by the sport-inspired​ atmosphere.


Push the envelope. Available RECARO® front heated performance seating adjusts 16 ways for secure, confidence-inspiring support during every drive.


Crafted by hand. Precise fit and finish of hand-selected available Saffron leather accents, sueded microfiber and carbon fiber all work together beautifully to create​ a unique interior ambience.


A subtle touch to shift. The incredibly responsive Magnesium Paddle Shifters offer full control of the transmission, putting even greater control at your fingertips.


The Driver Information Center integrated into the instrument cluster offers you selected information in an easily configurable, full-color display. The three-window​ design allows for multiple data arrays that work in conjunction with Cadillac user​ experience and the available Head-Up Display.

EXTERIORS CHISELED TO COMPETE. Every line, deliberate. The sporty ATS-V coupe’s turbocharged genesis meets its athletically stoic street performance. Every design element provides both a functional and aesthetic outcome. Innovations in everything from aerodynamics to selected materials result in an intimidating sum of its parts, both on the street and on the track.

FUNCTIONAL DESIGN. Beautifully functional. From the aero splitter and hood to the rear spoiler and diffuser, every design element serves a unique purpose. Crafted for more than just looks, they also support the car’s performance capabilities including aerodynamics, mass reduction and enhanced cooling.

V-FORGED ALUMINIUM WHEELS. Aluminium wheels bring low weight and high strength together in perfect balance. Forged from billet, the process delivers on both performance and design, while the true beauty can be internalized from the driver’s seat.

LIGHTWEIGHT ARCHITECTURE. Light, agile body. Achieving a strong yet light architecture using ultra-high-strength steel, aluminium and other highly advanced materials directly affects the performance of the ATS-V Coupe both inside and out.
CARBON FIBER HOOD Improved balance and elevated performance. With price use of carbon fiber, power-to-weight ratio is substantially improved. The lighter hood is a major contributor to the ideally balanced front to rear weight ratio that a high performance
vehicle requires.
AERO SPLITTER Advanced aerodynamics. The functional splitter creates a dramatic improvement in aerodynamics by directing a massive influx of airflow resulting in reduced frontend lift.
QUAD EXHAUST TIPS Be heard. One of the many signature features of the ATS-V Coupe is the quad exhaust. It integrates muffling for acoustic refinement at lower speeds while generating a visceral roar when opened up – amplifying the 3.6L Twin Turbo engine.
FUNCTIONAL AIR EXTRACTOR Better airflow. The 2018 ATS-V Coupe’s dynamically styled air extractor provides
improved airflow that reduces underhood pressure, drag and lift.
CARBON FIBER PACKAGE Hint at your performance potential with the available Carbon Fiber Package. An exposed weave carbon fiber in the front splitter, hood extractor and rear diffuser adds even more dynamic form and function to an already thrilling presence. Coupled with a more aggressive rocker extension and rear spoiler, it significantly improves airflow and downforce.
Carbon Fiber Package includes:
Black Chrome Grille
After Midnight Dark Finish Wheels
Black Chrome Rear Fascia Applique
Low-gloss Carbon Fiber Trim
Sueded Steering Wheel
RECARO V-Series Seats
After Midnight Dark Finish
SAFETY STRONG SAFETY CAGE. Protected from all sides. The durable, strong safety cage is constructed with ultrahigh- strength steel alloys and other highly advanced materials that offer exceptional rigidity. Strategically placed crumple zones in the front and rear absorb impact energy. For added safety, the luxurious and sporty ATS-V Coupe also features eight standard airbags4.
SIDE BLIND ZONE ALERT Change lanes even more confidently. Side Blind Zone Alert warns you if a vehicle is detected entering your blind spot by showing an amber icon in the exterior mirror. This lets you know you should wait before making a lane change.
DRIVER AWARENESS PACKAGE An extra set of eyes that looks out for you. The available Driver Awareness Package* in the ATS-V Coupe features a collection of safety features including the Safety Seat Alert, Forward Collision Alert, Lane Keep Assist and Lane Departure Warning, all working together to monitor the environment around your car and
make every drive even safer.
SAFETY SEAT ALERT Anticipate hazards. The class-exclusive Safety Seat Alert sends pulses through the seat cushion on the left, right, or both sides simultaneously, alerting you to a variety of potential hazards and the direction they’re coming from.


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  1. Do not use summer-only tires in winter conditions, as it would adversely affect vehicle safety, performance and durability. Use only GM-approved tire and wheel combinations. Unapproved combinations may change the vehicle’s performance characteristics. Lower profile tires wear faster. Wheel and tire damage may occur on rough or damaged roads or from surfaces or from curbs, debris or obstacles. This damage is not covered by the GM New Vehicle Limited Warranty. Contact your Cadillac dealer for more information.
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