Here are some essential tips to ensure your car keeps running smoothly during the hot summer months. You can do all these checkups at Al Ghandi Auto service centres.

1. Coolant System

Check the level of coolant fluid in your car. Examine the system for leaks, especially where the hose connects to the engine block. When the engine is cool, squeeze the hoses to make sure they are firm and not soft.

2. Engine Belts

Make sure the serpentine belt is in good condition. If there are cracks in it or small pieces missing, you should replace it immediately.

3. Wipers

Worn wipers can affect your vision while driving. If they are crating streaks across the windshield, they should be replaced.

4.Other Essential Fluids

Check your oil, brake, power-steering and windshield-washer fluids on a regular basis.

5. Air-Conditioning System 

Get your air-conditioning system checked if it’s not as strong as before. If the system is an older one, it might be leaking Freon into the atmosphere.

6. Air-Conditioning System

Check to make sure that your air filters are not clogged up. If clogged, you can either give it a clean or change it if necessary.

7. Tires

Check your tires. Make sure the pressure is correct and the treads clear. If the tires are in good condition, they would have no cracks or uneven wear.

8. Clean the Car

Keep your windshields clean. The dirt reduces visibility, especially in the evening. A good clean on the outside and inside, finished off with a wax to protect your paintwork.

9. Driver and Passengers

It’s important the driver and passengers are constantly hydrated in this heat. Make time for bathroom breaks and use the time to stretch your legs as well.

10. Top up the tank

If you are not planning on using the car for more than 30 days, fill the tank to prevent moisture accumulating and the seals drying out.

11. Fully charged

If you will not be driving your car for an extended period, the battery could lose charge. Disconnect the negative battery cable to preserve the battery.

12. Covering up

A weatherproof cover will protect your car from the elements and shade it from the sun.

13. Final checks

Empty the car of electrical cables, children’s toys and any other miscellaneous items will prevent items from deteriorating inside.