Cadillac CT5: Tech features you need to know about

Being at the forefront of innovation has been part of Cadillac’s DNA from inception. From introducing the first electric starter to the first true handsfree driving for the highway with Super Cruise, Cadillac has continued to be a leader in automotive advancements.

The first ever Cadillac CT5 continues that trend with some of the latest technology in the automotive industry to satisfy the tech head and make everyone’s journey one of the future.

1. The ability to stay connected at all times

Seen through a 10-inch 1080dp high definition screen, Cadillac’s latest user experience provides occupants with even more ways to interface with the system, including one-touch phone pairing and a new rotary controller with intuitive jog functionality. The user experience system merges entertainment, maps and apps, including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, with intuitive touch and customizable settings to effortlessly keep drivers connected on the road, minimizing any distractions whilst driving.

2. Premium surround sound

Providing drivers and passengers on board with a luxurious experience, Cadillac has included only the best surround sound system into its latest CT5 model ensuring everyone is kept entertained. The CT5 is equipped with the Bose® premium sound system available and features 15 speakers, all installed to deliver immersive, powerful audio throughout the car for all to enjoy.

3. Safety technologies that matter

The CT5 is designed to help keep occupants on-board or pedestrians on the road as safe as possible. Armed with industry leading in-car technology, with features such as front and rear parking assist, forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection and blind-spot monitoring, are offered to ensure a safe environment for all.

For customers who want to take safety up a notch, they can take advantage of additional features including adaptive cruise control, rear pedestrian detection and reverse automatic emergency braking.

4. The freedom of going hands-free

The world’s first true hands-free driver assistance feature for highway driving, currently in operation in the US and Canada, is Cadillac’s Super Cruise. Unlike other driver assistance systems, Super Cruise uses two advanced technology systems - a driver attention system and precision LiDAR map data, to ensure safe vehicle operation.

5. The flexibility to upgrade car tech features for years to come

The CT5 will be the first vehicle from Cadillac to come with the new digital architecture, enabling the vehicle to handle vast amounts of data, as high as 4.5 terabytes per hour! This is essential as our vehicles become more connect.

With an expanded capacity and over the air software updates, car owners can remotely upgrade the car’s high-tech features, active safety and Super Cruise Drive assistance features.