Be the “Coolest” Car in Town: Top Tips to Help Your Car Beat the Scorching Summer Heat

As temperatures rise, so do the demands made of your Cadillac. The experts from ACDelco, the premier supplier of aftermarket parts and products, have shared some quick and easy tricks to keep your car in good condition over the summer.


Check the coolant recovery reservoir under your hood to keep your car cool and fresh in the heat. Make sure you only check when the engine is cold and refer to your Owner Manual for the recommended products.

Engine Oil

Oil responds differently in extreme temperatures so you might need to switch your product between summer and winter. Check your vehicle’s Owner Manual for the viscosity grade recommended for your vehicle’s engine or visit the Oil Catalogue on the ACDelco website to check which oil you should use for each vehicle.

Air Conditioner

When it comes to your air-conditioner, prevention is better than cure. Get your air-conditioner serviced at an ACDelco Service Center to help efficiently cool the cabin during the hot summer months.

Fuel Tank

Always keep at least a third of a tank of fuel in your car. Allowing your fuel tank to run dry or be consistently low can lead to problems such as pumping oxygen, moisture and deposits into the fuel line, which could damage the fuel filter or fuel pump. It’s best to fill your tank any time it’s less than one-third full.


The treads of a tire are what help it grip the road while braking and in humid conditions. Check tire tread depth for excessive and uneven wear to ensure you don’t slide about in the humidity.

Park in the shade

It may sound like an obvious one, but parking in the shade will work wonders on keeping the engine as cool as possible. If shaded parking isn’t an option, then try to park with the sun beating down into the rear window rather than the front to avoid the steering wheel and front seats from getting too hot to touch.

Hot leather seats

We all want our cars to look their best, but with the heat, our leather seats and steering wheels tend to get hotter than we want them to be. To avoid a hot seat, you can sit on a towel or use a cloth seat cover for these summer months.

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